Why not Pagedraw?

With a few caveats, Pagedraw is great for building most things you'd otherwise use HTML/JSX/CSS for. Think feeds, dashboards, login screens, onboarding flows. For the most part, even if there is a HTML/CSS feature that we do not currently support, you can easily integrate custom code to get the job done. However, there are a few types of layouts that Pagedraw does not currently support.

Today you should not use Pagedraw if you need:

Even if the main feature of Google maps should not be built with Pagedraw, you can absolutely use Pagedraw for the portion of the Google maps page that has i.e. the search bar and the user menus. In the same vein, we use Pagedraw to generate the topbar and sidebars of the Pagedraw editor, while the canvas is implemented using pure React code, per the below: