By default Pagedraw provides the most common web fonts in the sidebar’s font dropdown menu. For additional fonts, open the font manager by clicking the “Manage Fonts” button in the doc sidebar:

The doc sidebar can be accessed when you have 0 blocks selected. From this menu you can select any Google Fonts to import into your document. Any other font must be uploaded by clicking “Upload New Font” in the bottom left corner of the modal:

From here you can select any font file from your computer and it will be imported into the Pagedraw editor. All font file names must have the appropriate extension e.g., Arial.tff.

After importing from Sketch or Figma you might see this warning on blocks with text:

This means your Sketch or Figma file uses a font that the Pagedraw editor doesn’t already have available. Uploading the missing font will fix this issue, but make sure the name of the font fileyou upload matches exactly the font name missing in Pagedraw.

i.e. if you see “Lato-regular is missing” in Pagedraw, make sure you upload a file named exactly Lato-regular.ttf.