Text Boxes (Text Input)

Getting user input in Pagedraw is very similar to getting user input in React. You simply draw a text input block in the canvas, makes it dynamic and bind its “Value” to some variable - say this.props.foo, that is passed down via props in the Code sidebar. Once “Value” is bound, we get a textbox that has the right value in it, but if anyone tries to type into our text box, nothing will happen. This is because in React we actually need to listen to onChange events and explicitly mutate this.props.foo using something like setState whenever the user types into the text box.

In order to implement this, go ahead and add an event handler onChange={this.props.onChangeFoo} to your text box as demonstrated below:

Then, your calling code should look something like:

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import PagedrawComponent from './pagedraw/my_component';

class App extends Component {
  constructor() {
      this.state = {
          foo: ''

      this.onChangeFoo = this.onChangeFoo.bind(this);

  onChangeFoo(evt) {
    this.setState({foo: evt.target.value});

  render() {
    return <PagedrawComponent foo={this.state.foo} onChangeFoo={this.onChangeFoo} />;