In order to create a list in Pagedraw, simply tick the “Repeats” checkbox in the draw sidebar of any rectangle. This is going to create a new prop of type List on the component containing the rectangle, and we will generate code that looks like this:

function render() {
    return <div className="component_1">
        <div className="component_1-0">
            <div className="component_1-component_1">
                {, i) => {
                    return <div key={i} className="component_1-rectangle-2" /> ;
                }) }

You can now access the variable elem and any of its properties anywhere inside the repeating rectangle. You can also change elem's name into anything you like in the Code sidebar.

For example you can draw a text block inside the repeating rectangle with dynamic content elem.content. This will generate code that iterates through all elements in this.props.list and renders a rectangle.